Mesquite Trail Ride was developed in 2010 by 5 riders that just love to have fun.  After years of attending other organized rides that had ridden off into the sunset, the group got together and decided to give it a go.   The saying five heads are better than one and the more the merrier quickly became common terms among the group.   As each rider found their area of expertise the organization grew to be a lovely riding experience.  As expected it grew from a small group to a larger one and we finally decided we will cap the riders at 70 to be able to conduct the ride to the standard we've all grown used too.  Each day during the ride you can join us for our planned trail ride or ride out in your own group (just don't get lost). 

Another highlight is 


Mesquite Trail Ride's One of a Kind 

World Renown Gymkhana!


It is our very own way to test ones horsemanship and silliness all at once.  These are not your "normal" gymkhana events that you may be used to or have even heard of and then again maybe they are.  One thing for sure they are a lot of fun.  This year we are adding Team Games!   This is going to be fun and exciting events with teams participating for the trophy!  You may remember our silly ski's last year, yes we have those back and lots more guaranteed to bring out the competitive spirit and keep the onlookers rolling in laughter. Whether you participate in these events or participate in cheering, you will not want to miss Saturday's competition, we promise you.

    At camp, each evening, sit down and feast on a delicious dinner prepared by our caterers.  And afterward, since there are no dishes to do, kick up your heels for a "boot stomping", good time.  Come ‘on down and listen to live music  and dance the night away.  Plus, you don't want to miss out on being around the campfire and joining in on the jokes, storytelling, and laughter. 

Great riding, catered dinners, live music, and you provide the dancing, laughter and fun.

It just doesn't get better than that!