Thursday, September 24th, 2020


11am - 1pm

Arrive and be greeted by our stellar welcoming committee! Pick up your ride info & hand crafted Mesquite Trail Ride lanyard. Be sure to buy those raffle tickets and beat the rush!  Good News we now accept your credit cards! If you get here a little late we will have your goodies at Social Hour.

2:30 pm

Short guided Group Ride


Social Hour and Meet and Greet


Dinner and announcements and Game night!​​ 

Friday, September 25th, 2020


7 am

Potluck Breakfast under the big tent 


Guided Group Ride


Social Hour 


Dinner followed by Live Music

Raffle Prizes Awarded

Raffle prizes will be awarded so you'll want to purchase your tickets as soon as you arrive! 

Saturday, September 26th, 2020


Early Risers 7am breakfast again… that’s right you know what you’re doing so go ahead and do it. 

9am Guided Group Ride​

When we return grab your lunch then please join us for our....

World Renown One of a Kind 

Mesquite Trail Ride Gymkhana & Team Games

Please choose to participate but if you can't handle the pressure you’ll want to arrive early for the best seats along the side line.  Be sure to bring your own lounge chair. And if it’s sunny you may want to bring your shade and don't forget to bring a beverage of your choice. 

Thank you all so much for your participation! It takes everyone to make this fun so please join in, in whatever capacity you are able. ​  Get your friends together to form a team or maybe we'll just mix it up a little!  This brought lots of laughs last year and all of us could use more laughter in our lives! 

The event obstacle course will be available so everyone can practice the first few days.  We'd like to keep this ride as safe as possible so please consider "training" your horse now rather than during the ride.  Obviously horses get excited in groups and we expect that, but we want to promote safe riding practices as often as possible. 

Prizes will be awarded by our "impartial, unbiased, absolutely above collusion judging panel".  You truly don't want to miss this event!

​5pm Social Hour

Dinner will be served @ 6:30pm
It's Silent Auction night so be sure to bring your saddle bags full of money!

Live Entertainment! 


Sunday, September 27th 2020


7 am

Left-overs for Breakfast.  No hot grill.  


Short guided Group Ride


Please! De-camp by 12 NOON


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