Mesquite Trail Ride Rules

Ride Rules

  • Attend Safety Briefing before each ride
  • Please wear your name badge
  • Do not bring stallions on the ride.
  • Leave your dogs at home (even though we love them). There are no dogs allowed in camp.
  • No private campfires but please join the group campfire.
  • As guest of the Ranch please pick up your litter (bring container for butts if you smoke).
  • Ride behind the trail boss and in front of the 'drag' (he is actually a nice guy).
  • Ribbon your horse's tail if he's a kicker - make it so the ribbon can be seen from a distance.
  • Ride with courtesy and be aware of others.
  • Ride your horse at a walk pace when on an organized ride with the group.
  • Avoid tailgating the horse in front of you.
  • Please do not ride alone.  If you are in a smaller group please leave gates the way you find them and avoid all ranch livestock.
  • Above all, enjoy and be safe.


Mesquite Trail Ride Notes

Ride Notes

 The 2020 ride location is TBD.   However many things stay the same....   Please bring your own water buckets for your horses.  Many of us will be staying in our personal Living  Quarters horse trailers.  If you don't have one you may want to contact Cruise America to rent yourself a comfortable RV to sleep and get dressed.   Tents are always welcome in fact we had a Tepee join us one year.  We will have numerous port-a-johns around the camp area.  As mentioned we serve dinner nightly so you'll just need to bring your own food for breakfast and lunches.  We do pot-luck style breakfast every morning.  Remember we do not have the capability to refrigerate leftovers so you will need to take what you bring to the pot-luck back to your place with you daily.  Also it's a bit of a drive to get more ice so please bring enough for yourself to last the four days of the ride.  More questions don't hesitate to call or send an email.   We look forward to seeing you all.    

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 PLEASE BE AWARE: ARS - 12-553-subsection C An owner, lessor or agent of any riding stable, rodeo ground, training or boarding stable or other private property that is used by a rider or handler of an equine with or without the owner's permission is not liable for injury to or death of the equine or the rider or handler