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What Mesquite Trail Ride is...

A camping with your horse event.   Everyone arrives Thursday and sets up their own camp area within our large camping area. Everyday we have scheduled guided round trip horseback rides from camp.  Every evening we provide dinner and live entertainment under the big tent.  Everyday there is lot's of fun activities planned but you are not obligated to participate.  We would love for you to consider joining us and the FUN!  Sunday we tear down and everyone is excited to return the following year!

MTR Provides....

While we take care of many things not everything is included.  Here's a few things we do to make your camping life easier.

*We provide Port-a-johns around camp to handle what port-a-johns handle.

*We provide fresh water delivered to your campsite area daily for your horses so you don't have to carry water.  You will need to have buckets available for us to fill.

*We provide the big tent to get some shade or get out of the rain depending on the weather.

*We provide tables and chairs for under the big tent or around the group campfire.

*We provide hot cowboy coffee every morning.

*We provide delicious hearty dinner every night. 

*We provide nightly entertainment and sometimes you could be the star of the show!

*We provide raffles and auctions and prizes for the WORLD RENOWN ONE OF A KIND MESQUITE TRAIL RIDE GYMKHANA. 

*We provide a relaxing environment to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones!

MTR Does NOT provide...

*MTR does NOT provide - Shelter for you to sleep nor shower facilities.  We suggest you bring a tent, camper, LQ or Tepee, sleeping bag and extra blankets.  Consider renting a camper or ask your neighbor if you can borrow theirs. 

*MTR does NOT provide - Containment for your horse. We suggest you bring portable corrals or high tie line, however tall trees can be sparse in Southern Arizona so be sure to bring a LONG rope.

*MTR does NOT provide -  Food for your breakfast, lunch or snacks.  However we provide a pot luck style breakfast where you bring the fixings and we cook it on a grill we have set up. And as stated above we provide hot coffee at breakfast time. 

*MTR does NOT provide or serve alcohol or alcoholic beverages.  We usually have plenty of bottled water.  And you are welcome to bring your own beverage of choice. 

*MTR does NOT provide you a horse.  We suggest you use the horse rental company from the area that we recommend but ultimately that choice is YOURS, and that agreement is between you and that company.  

*MTR does NOT provide Safety HELMETS.  You should consider wearing one when you are riding.  Horse are unpredictable and we promote safety FIRST!

*MTR does NOT guarantee you will have fun but unless you're a rock you will!



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